Patricio Orozco BEM

I have relocated with my family in London in 2019.

In London I´m currently producing and directing TV at Yorick Entertainment while in Buenos Aires I´m directing the Shakespeare Festival Buenos Aires and I´m presiding the Romeo Foundation.

I was honored in 2019 by Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, with the Order of the British Empire Medal in recognition of my contribution promoting the work of William Shakespeare in Latin America.


Back in Argentina:

I have worked in model and advertising agencies, theatres, foundations, governments, schools and universities, and with Argentina´s rugby team: the Pumas, the team I´m a fan of.

In 1996 I founded «Comunicación Global» marketing and communication consultants for education and sports. For more than 20 years we have been working for hundreds of educational and sports insittutions from Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.

I have translated and directed many plays: Hamlet, Richard III, Macbeth, Anthony and Cleopatra and also Cardenio, Shakespeare’s lost play, for the 1st time in Latin America. Recently I have worked with the Uruguayan symphonic orchestra creating a unique event called «Shakespeare´s women» a huge success.

As a theatre critic I have worked at FM Rock&Pop (2005-2007) and colaborated with Quid Magazine (2006-2010)

I wrote Samuel Beckett´s first biography in spanish language, book that was published by the National Theatre Institute in Argentina and trasnlated and published into spanish «Manga Shakespeare», comic book edited by Self Made Hero, United Kingdom.

In 2011 I founded Próspero Producciones, and have created, directed and produced more than 35 festivals (the 1st Shakespearean festival in Latin America and the 1st Beckettean festival too), built pop-up elizabethan theaters, directed plays, lead successful marketing and fundraising campaigns; I have wrote and edited books and press articles.

I have built the 1st Pop-up Elizabethan theater for 1500 people called «Shakespeare Theater». It was an inmediate success. Between 2013 and 2014 more than 100 performances, workshops and concerts where attended by 100.000 people approx.

Since 2010 I have gave workshops and conferences at Université Sorbonne (Paris), Ecole Normale Superieure (París), Gdansk University (Polland), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), among others.


Member of the Order of the British Empire Medal, given by Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. (2019)

Outstanding cultural achievement: Distinguished by the Buenos Aires City Parliament. (2019)

Teatro del Mundo Award given by the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2007, 2015, 2018)

María Guerrero Award given by Cervantes National Theatre, Argentina. (2010)

Scholarship for young artists given by Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina. (2004)


Conferences and workshops

British Art Centre Buenos Aires – 2018: «Shakespeare Seminar».

Feredal University of Santa Catarina,  Brazil –  2017: Conferencia «Beckett in Argentina»  Irish Theatrical Diaspora.

Jockey Club de Buenos Aires – 2016:  «Shakespeare and Cervantes».

Universidad de Buenos Aires – 2016: ” Beckett in Argentina”.

Universidad Di Tella, Buenos Aires – 2015: «Shakespeare 450».

Escuela Shakespeare Argentina – 2014:  «Richard III».

Université Sorbonne – Paris – 2014: «Shakespeare 450».

Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires – 2012:  Master class with Stanley Gontarski y Penny Cherns.

Festival Beckett Buenos Aires – 2011:  Workshop for directors.

Gdansk University – Gdansk, Poland –  2010:  «Beckett in Latin America».

Ecole Normale Superieure – París, Francia – 2010: “Beckett-Between”.



University of Buenos Aires | Shakespeare Institute, Stratford Upon Avon.

  • Law.
  • Business Administration.
  • Advertising & Communication.
  • Film.
  • Shakespeare´s studies | Theatre Direction | Playwriting | Acting.



Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires

Festival Shakespeare en la Escuela

Teatro Shakespeare

Festival Beckett Buenos Aires

Festival del Humor de Buenos Aires – World record of 24h uninterrupted outdoor stand up shows in Buenos Aires (2014).

Fundación Romeo www.fundació

Comunicación Global consultant in educational & sport marketing and communication (Director 1996-2017).